Top 10 Telugu Heroes 2017 | Kalinga Express

1. Pawan Kalyan: 
 He is an amazing actor also different from others. He follows his own style. He is very simple in nature. He wants to do some new for poor.

2. Mahesh Babu: 
 He is known as Badshah in Tollywood industry. He is the all-rounder in acting and handsome hunk, tallest, young and charming in Tollywood industry.

3. Pravash: 
 Pravash has all qualities to be a superstar. He is very stylish and handsome. Just a superb actor.

4. Jr.NTR: 
 His acting and dialogues are really amazing. He is the best dancer. Some NTR fans say he is the number one actor in Tollywood industry. His attitude is very simple and he gives a moral lesson to society in his films.

5. Allu Arjun: 
 He is a dynamic and dancing hero. He is a good human being. Also known as a stylish star. He is Mr. Perfect & Bunny.

6. N T Rama Rao: 
 He is God of Telugu Industry. Awarded as "Man Of Masses" & "Son of Soil".

7. Chiranjeevi: 
 He is Tollywood King. Nick name in Tollywood industry is Chiru. Also a classic comedy actor.

8. Ram Charan Teja: 
 He is the son of King Chiranjeevi(Actor). He has so many talents. He is a good dancer & his acting is superb.

9. Venkatesh: 
 He is a very successful man in the industry. He is a stylish & very simple person. He can do any kind of acts. Any one can love him for his qualities.

10. Nagarjuna: 
 He is known as Mass of Tollywood industry. He gives all time block busters movies to the industry. He is a super actor.
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