India's First Transgender Judge: Kalinga Express

India's first transgender judge of Lok Adalat, Joyita Mandal will give people their right. She has been appointed as a judge in the Lok Adalat of Islampur of North Dinajpur (West Bengal). She is one of the few people in this community, who have achieved success while facing all the difficulties.

  Joyita had suffered greatly from childhood. The family members were disturbed by their objections. At school, they were confused about Forced them had to leave school first. After leaving home she joined a call center for the job. Many times they had to beg and lived. There was no room for rent. She had to spend the night under the open sky. Joyita later joined a social institution. Since 2010, she has been working as a social worker.

  The happy ending of the 29-year-long Joyita battle took place when Sub Divisional Legal Services Committee of Islampur of Uttar Dinajpur appointed him as judge of Lok Adalat. Joyita is very happy with the decision of appointment in the Lok Adalat. She said that there are so many transgenders in the country, who can do better if they get a chance.
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