Before joining the film, Alia Bhatt was 67 kg

Alia Bhatt's upcoming movie is 'Raji', which is directing Meghna Gulzar. These films will be released in 2018. Let's tell you that before coming to the movies, the weight of Alia was 67 kg. She had lost about 16 kg for his debut film 'Student of the Year'. The special thing was that Alia lowered this weight in just three weeks. Alia says, "I do not think how obnoxious the hand is or I have to make constipation. I believe only healthy and fit." Ali now exercises and Yoga in the regulatory gym. Recently, her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala shared some videos on his Instagram. Alia looking to work in the gym ...

Gym Trainer Yasmin Karachiwala recently shared some videos of Aliya's workouts. Ali's kick seems to be boxing in these videos. In another video, she is doing the exercises. Alia Rose also walks on 10 minutes treadmill. Apart from this, they do Pushup, Dumball, Yoga etc.

It is her diet plan:

- Breaktost, breadtost, coniflax, poha, base, sandwich and non-sugar tea-coffee
In a Mite-Morning they have a glass vegetable juices. Fruits or pir idli-sambar
-Lunch pulses, roti, vegetables eat without oil.
-Foods in milk evening, tea-coffee without sugar.
In the Diner, Alia takes Roti, Rice, Vegetable, Dal and Chicken.
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