Congress's defeat and BJP's victory, these are the reasons

After Gujarat, BJP has proved in saffron terrorism even in Himachal Pradesh that no other party can stand in front of them at the moment. While on one side BJP removed the Congress from Himachal's power and at the same time kept its power in Gujarat. In fact, it is a double achievement for the BJP. Now, as always, Congress will find the reason for this defeat. However, there should be no doubt that winning for the Congress meant losing the BJP in Gujarat. That was the reason that he paid attention not only to Himachal Pradesh but also gave all his strength to Gujarat.

  As a result, the BJP won 99 of the 182 seats in Gujarat and the Congress won 80 seats with allies. BJP will form government in Gujarat for the sixth consecutive time. There is a big achievement for him. On the other hand Rahul Gandhi and party during the whole election campaign, sometimes in rallies in Gujarat and then ever seen a road show and sometimes temple. Even after doing so much, the Congress could not cross the threshold of power. Of course, in this battle, he lost to Himachal. But the biggest question is how did Congress go backward even after the preparation and how did the BJP win? Some of these reasons are very special.

BJP does not let GST become a problem:

    Prior to the election, there was a wave of anti-incumbency in the state, which was thought to be by party leaders. Under this strategy, the BJP started preparations in its own way. In order to convince the angry Patidars, the BJP did not make any changes to the ticket of its old legislators so that there was no rebellion in their people. The party leaders succeeded in convincing new people to get the ticket hoped. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley visited three or three, four-four times in cities like Surat, Jamnagar and Rajkot to deal with the resentment of traders on issues like notebooks and GST. The problems of traders were settled on the spot.

Solution for farmers problem:

    Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh and Rural Development Minister Narendra Tomar visited the farmers to deal with the resentment of the farmers. Before the election to reduce the resentment of the farmers, the water of Sardar Sarovar water was transported to drought-hit areas like Saurashtra.
PM Modi raised issues of Gujarati asmita
In Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself was a big face, or should say that this election was fought on him like every state. Responding to Congress's attacks, PM Modi raised the issue of Gujarati asmita, which was successful in redemption.

Iyer's controversial statement:

    The last statement of Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar's statement in the last stages of the election campaign was to spoil the condition of Congress. In the last time, the BJP managed to capitalize on the given statement given by Aiyar and the Congress could not overcome it. However, after his statement on Aiyar, action was taken and Rahul Gandhi himself condemned his statement. But it did not affect the people of Gujarat.

BJP's forward failing strategy:

     The Congress strategy failed in front of the BJP which created the strategy for elections in Gujarat. The BJP managed to better manage the booth level to the top. In this BJP workers put full emphasis The Congress was far behind in the BJP's presence at the booth level.

Congress leaves three cards:

    The issues raised in the Congress for its victory were reservation and GST chief. But the emphasis of both of them showed little less. At the same time, Congress expressed greater trust in Hardik, Alappuz and Jignesh, it also felt that the party does not have the option of opening the right path for victory for itself. Though the Tigers of these three had certainly hurt the BJP in some places but for Congress it could not become the key to power. 
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