Who will be the next CM of Gujurat?

In Gujarat, for the sixth consecutive term, the BJP has made history by waving saffron grasses. BJP managed to save its fortress, but this victory was not easy due to the Congress president Rahul Gandhi's new 'incarnation' in the electoral field. There was a lot of turmoil in the BJP after Rahul Gandhi's constant Prime Minister Narendra Modi was targeted on the issue of development. After winning the victory, the churning on the face in BJP for CM post has now begun.

     Sources say that the BJP wants to place a CM in Gujarat rather than the Chief Minister of Gujarat, who may not be as popular as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but whose identity is well known in the public. Between the Patidar movement, the BJP is looking for a CM for a face which can fulfill the party's promises made in the elections and keep the party firmly.

    That can become textile and Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani, chief presidential race potentially first choice associated with BJP Some sources said. A strong leadership capability, a well-known face in Gujarat and one of the trusted ministers of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Smriti Irani could be the new chief minister. Although Smriti Irani has denied such news. She said that she is not in the race for CM post at all.
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