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Our Privacy Policy

* Before using our site our users(visitors) have to read our site privacy policy carefully. is a complete news and entertainment based website. We may ask for users Email Id, Name, Phone No or address for future development. Our site is never selling any type of our users(visitors) data so our visitors have to trust us with their information and this privacy policy applies to all services of our website site.

* Our site may collect some cookies or non-personal identification data about our users at the time of visiting our site. You may ask what is the Cookies or non-personal identification data? Here is the answer: Cookies is the browser data which will have stored on your pc and that tells us visitors operating system, Ip address and much more things about our site users.

* Why we are taking the above data from our visitors? We are taking the above things from our visitors because that data will help us to make our site better and we may use our user's  personal data for promotional newsletters, inquiries and question purpose.

* We are not selling any type of data of our users to third party sites.

* We will use some advertising service on in future, that ads will be a banner ad, text ads or video ads and that advertising service may use cookies for their better enhancement.

* We have the full rights to change our privacy policy at any time and any moment. Our visitors have to agree with our policy other wise our visitors has no rights to access to our site. We are also telling to our visitors check frequently to our privacy policy page to see the future changes. If you have any doubts, queries or suggestion then you may email us on our email id.
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